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These balls are produced with a high percentage of alumina in its highest degree of calcination, which confer them high mechanical properties and high resistance to the thermal stress. Due to its elevated purity and low silica content, these balls are specially designed for top temperatures applications in harsh environments, where we can find the action of acids and steam at high temperatures.

  • Made with first quality materials, which give them high mechanical properties and great chemical stability. Consequently, they do not react with any fluid or material during the operation.

High density alumina linings are used to avoid the contamination produced by oxide transferred to the material grinded in all types of ball mills. These linings are installed and fixed to the inside of the metallic part (drum) of the mill, avoiding  the balls, raw materials and water, to get in touch with the metallic drum.

To obtain the best lining results we need: to dispose not only with the proper alumina bricks quantities to complete the installation but also a team of professional workers with enough precision for any lining set installation.

The Xieta International S.L. alumina wear resistant special pieces, are being used as protective elements, in order to avoid oxide or any kind of chemical degradation in all sort of industries (turbines, cyclons, pipes, silos,…) which work in extreme abrasion or corrosion environment. 

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