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Confinement time



Confinement is not really over for me yet. I am aware that I am a more vulnerable person, so that’s why my family and I, do not go out at all.

As a result of my serious spinal cord injury, it is impossible for me to cough or sneeze as my abs are not functional. So we are really very afraid of any possible contagion.

When full lockdown began in March, I was very well prepared for the first race of the season in France, at Easter. Not knowing how long it would last, I decided to keep training.

At first, I was thinking about going out on the street since I go alone and could not find anyone else, but, in a short time, total confinement came, and the prohibition to go out. Since then I have been training at home, I installed the roller in the garage and rode there every day, which has allowed me to maintain an optimal state. It is not very comfortable and the lack of fresh air is not pleasant either but I have forced myself to do it every day at least an hour, it is very boring but there is no other solution.

From the moment we were able to go out, it went out during the hours dedicated to the elderly and the disabled: from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. I never went out without the mask, not before, not now, but at that time of the pandemic, without knowing for sure what the contact lines were, we had to be very cautious and when we returned home my wife disinfected absolutely everything. The position of a handbike rider is very close to the asphalt and we wanted to avoid all risks. Now we are still like this, although I go out in the mornings, about 2 hours. It is very hard with the mask on. Bad combination with the high temperatures, but I want to be prepared in case the races start later on.

I have also taken advantage during this period to make improvements on my bike. I have changed the electronic gearbox from a 10 speed gearbox to an 11 speed gearbox, so I also had to change all the wheel cassettes (3).

Also due to a change in the regulation, the brake has to be in the grip and it has taken a long time to invent and test to find the most suitable way, aesthetically and functionally.

Luckily a carbon workshop in Valencia has done a phenomenal job, all in a traditional way, a real marvel! It has been very good and very comfortable to handle.

I hope with all my heart that vaccines will be available soon for us all in order to be ready to return to normality and carry on with our lives without fear, being able to see friends and family; also that the economy can recover to get out of this hard episode for all of us .


Thank you very much to the entire Xieta team for continuing to support me and for your interest in me in these tough times.

Kind regards,


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